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Amajet system solutions

A clean performance for every stormwater tank

General functional principle
Amajet system solutions

Basically, Amajet system solutions can be used wherever tanks and storage chambers must be cleaned economically.

When Amajet system solutions are used, the combined sewage is drawn in near the tank bottom, mixed with air and is ejected at high velocity parallel to the tank floor.

The combined effect of water jet and fine air bubbles results in strong horizontal and extensive vertical flows in the tank. Turbulences generating transverse and longitudinal flows in the entire tank continuously keep solids in suspension. Correct positioning in the tank provides, automatically, clean walls, floor and columns.

Turbulence of solids during tank discharge allows for an early and constant dirt removal. Thus, peak loads can be avoided in biological sewage treatment.

Depending on the hydraulic conditions, you can distinguish between the energy-saving interval operation and permanent operation. The energy-saving interval operation issufficient for cleaning tank walls and columns. Permanent operation is specifically used for optimum cleaning results of the tank bottom towards the end of the discharge process.

Amajet system solutions stand for a clean and energy-saving way of cleaning.