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A clean performance for every stormwater tank



Hamburg, Osterbekweg

Amajet Osterbekweg

This combined sewage retention tank discharges the emergency overflows of the nearby sewer in case of heavy rainfalls and thus prevents pollution to get into the open water. This retention tank is kept clean by 12 Amajets.

Hamburg, Anckelmannsplatz

Amajet Anckelmannsplatz
This object is the biggest retention tank of its kind in the world. For the first time, a sewage system of such a scale was installed under an office building. A complex venting system was realised in order to avoid any odour nuisance. Altogether 24 Amajets were installed to clean this three-chamber tank.


Amajet Halle-Nord
Four stormwater retention tanks (8 m wide and 60 m long) are equipped with three Amajets each. For several years, the good cleaning efficiency has been confirmed. Besides providing the Amajets, the structural redevelopment of the retention tanks was accompanied right from the beginning.


RB 006 Augsburg

The mixed water to be discharged to the river Wertach is mechanically pretreated in this overfall basin.
The inflow canal to the stormwater overflow tank is cleaned efficiently by two Amajets. Discharge is performed via a pumping station also installed by KSB.



SwingAmajet Rodenbach
In the local stormwater overflow tank without any incline, concentrated inanimate pollution was removed by means of the traditional cleaning device causing problems in the subsequent biological treatment. The SwingAmajet was convincing due to its continuous sediment removal.


SwingAmajet London
The stormwater overflow tanks were equipped with SwingAmajets. The SwingAmajet was convincing on account of its high cleaning efficiency and in particular due to significant savings of energy and life cycle costs.


Stormwater overflow tank Diebelbach
This stormwater overflow tank is a round tank with a tangentially approaching flow. lt boasts an effective volume of 905 m3 and is kept efficiently clean by a central SwingAmajet and three KSB Amamix.



MEPAS Storm Tanks
The outer channels of this type of tank with a corrugated floor profile are cleaned with the MultiAmajet. The KSB Multiplex PLC controls this cleaning process. Here, the MultiAmajet was convincing on account of its eco­nomic and cleaning efficiency. In most cases, the MultiAmajet is the efficient cleaning device for tanks with a corrugated/cascade-like floor profile and an economical alternative, especially to altering the tank (tank bottom).


Stormwater overflow tank Oberkirch
In this storage chamber, the MultiAmajet was convincing due to its performance. The MultiAmajet system is based on a pulse wave principle cleaning the storage chamber by means of a lower motor input.



Storage chamber ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen
From the preliminary planning up to commissioning, KSB equipped this storage chamber including discharge pumping station and switchgear. The storage chamber consists of two adjacent sewers with a length of about 80 m. Each storage chamber is kept clean by a SewerAmajet.


R 008 Augsburg
This storage chamber has a length of about 600 m and consists of two adjacent chambers. In every storage chamber, five pairs of SewerAmajets were mounted parallel for cleaning. These Sewer Amajets have kept the storage chamber clean for ten years, without any complaints.