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Amajet system solutions

A clean performance for every stormwater tank

Planning and regulations

Stormwater tanks often vary in their design. In the past, different geometries, fill levels etc. have influenced the cleaning efficiency of the units.

The current Amajet system solution models provide an optimum cleaning result by adjustment to the respective application. Now, tank geometries, fill levels, columns, etc. determine the Amajet system solution model to be used:

Traditional Amajet, SwingAmajet, MultiAmajet or SewerAmajet.

Besides the offered Amajet models, the stormwater retention tank is regarded as a whole. lt is only with such a global concept, which is based on coordinated components, that the best possible functionality will be provided. Here, the following components are significant:

  • Site
  • Structural design
  • Machinery
  • Hydraulic planning
  • Control system
  • Remote data transmission system

KSB will be glad to prepare an overall plan and accompany you from the preliminary planning up to commissioning and during future operation.


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