KSB – Amajet

Amajet system solutions

A clean performance for every stormwater tank

Benefits of Amajets

Cleaning of any tank
Due to an individual arrangement and the use of the different Amajet models, optimum cleaning of every tank and storage chamber is possible, independent of local conditions.

Energy saving
Energy saving by individually adjusted operating modes: Interval and permanent operation.

Unproblematic retrofitting
Present systems can be cleaned without any problems and without any structural alterations. Retrofitting merely requires a power connection.

Best cleaning efficiency
They can be used until the tank is discharged completely -while providing the best cleaning efficiency.

Constant cleaning
Tank bottom and tank walls are cleaned equally well.

No concentrated sludge
Sludge is removed continuously. Thus, no concentrated sludge occurs at the end of the cleaning process.

No external water supply
Supply of external water (drinking or industrial water) is not required.

No odour nuisance
Even in case of longer standing times the introduction of air assists in keeping the bacteria alive preventing septicity and odour nuisance.